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Bike Shop Insurance & Manufacturer Insurance

Let our 35+ years of bicycle shop insurance, including e-bikes and rentals, and bicycle manufacturer liability insurance protect your niche in the industry. We deliver a fantastic policy and first-class customer service. Call us today or come see us at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show or at Interbike.


Our Experts

  • Call us for E-bike Insurance and all your Bike Rental and Tour Insurance needs!

  • Endorsed by the National Bicycle Component Manufacturer's Association.

  • We spent years negotiating nationwide bicycle shop liability insurance programs to find a generous combination of coverage and low rates even if you've had previous claims. Bike manufacturer insurance (or importer) can cover everything including liability for bicycle components.

  • We love this business! Few, if any, carriers are truly passionate about the bicycle industry and for 35+ years we have been insuring bicycle companies. Fun fact, one of our initial clients was Yeti Cycles who introduced us to titanium years ago at their first shop.

  • Invited Speaker at NAHBS.
    Join us again at the annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show!

  • Visit us this year at Interbike!

  • Some bicycle manufacturer clients started in a garage, and are now worth millions and we still provide their bike shop insurance. Business recommendations constantly provide us new customers.

  • We offer bike shop, rental, and manufacturer insurance for every aspect of the bicycle industry. Every process, component, and related liability, from manufacturing to assembly, from concept to bike fitting; we have insurance that makes the most sense.

  • Also call us for electric bike shop insurance, beer bike insurance, and pedal pubs!


Tina Morgan

Bicycle Manufacturer Specialist


We are a proud member of the National Bicycle Dealers Association


We are a proud member of the Hawaii Bicycling League


We are a proud member of the People for Bikes



Over the decades we have developed multiple bicycle and e-bike insurance programs which allow us to give you the best coverage and rates in every State.


Call or e-mail us today for the best E-Bike Insurance and Bike Rental & Tour Insurance.


Our passion for 35+ years has been the bicycle industry and you will find us at bike conventions, often guest speaking. We know the industry very well and are recommended by major manufacturers.


Rental, Tours, & Sales

Product Liability

Workers Comp.


Ocean Cargo

Cyber Liability

Directors and Officers

Employer Protective Liability


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