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Let our 35+ years of bicycle shop insurance, including e-bikes and rentals, and bicycle manufacturer liability insurance protect your niche in the industry. We deliver a fantastic policy and first-class customer service. Call us today or come see us at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show or at Interbike.


Larger bicycle manufacturers, designers, and importers, whose sales are in the millions, have greater concerns for higher limits of bicycle insurance, and need additional forms of coverage that smaller bicycle start-ups often do not require. Your bicycle company’s well-earned assets are at risk in event a consumer is injured on a bicycle regardless of which component(s) are yours.

  • Your company will likely be included in the lawsuit.
  • Large shipments via ocean containers expose you to a complete loss of goods from perils of the sea.
  • Global operations present property outside the US, employees outside the US, and buyers outside the US, which are not insured on standard bicycle policies.
  • Investors often require director & officer coverage and higher liability limits.
  • Expanded internet presence with websites, on-line purchase, email and other electronic communications has opened your business to cyber hacking and data breach.
Our licensed staff at ISU Insurance Services of Westlake are each continually educated in changes in the marketplace actively working with more than 200 insurance companies. We are well-known in the bicycle industry, highly knowledgeable about your exposures, and passionately involved with securing for you the appropriate bicycle coverage and pricing. Meet us at the major bike shows throughout the US. Call us to construct a package of insurance tailored to your needs and budget.


  • Have you been building bicycle frames for your friends and family, and now realize you need bike insurance?
  • Are you trying to purchase bicycle parts from Quality, Accell NA, J&B Imports, or others who won’t sell to you until you have bike insurance?
  • Did you lease a building, and your landlord requires you have insurance?
We have the lowest cost bicycle insurance policy available in the US for your startup bike business. Our licensed agents attend Interbike and NAHBS yearly, and we hold seminars there for up-and-coming, as well as time-honored veterans. ISU Insurance Services of Westlake is the independent broker working with most custom build bike shops. We are licensed in every state of the US and negotiate with more than 200 insurance companies to find you the best! Call us for help with: General Liability and Product Liability
  • Fire and Theft for your bikes, tools, and other business property
  • Vehicles
  • Worker Compensation
  • And more!
Stop wondering how much insurance will cost. Call us today to find the lowest premium available for your coverage!


We provide all types of Bicycle Shop Insurance including:

  • Bike Rental Insurance
  • Bike Tour Insurance
  • Electric Bike Insurance
  • E-Bike Insurance
  • Personalized Bikes, Frames, Accessories
  • Imported Bicycle Products
  • Pedego Electric Bikes: Stores, Rentals, Tours
  • Trikke Pedal and Electric Bikes: Stores, Rentals, Tours
Does your bike shop insurance rates escalate every year? Does your bike insurance policy prevent you from insuring electric bikes, imported bikes, or selling them under your own name, or renting them out? We have a perfect policy for you. We insure HUNDREDS of bicycle dealers AND manufacturers throughout the USA in every State, and we’ve been working with the bicycle industry for more than 35 years! Chances are we already insure many of the companies you buy your bikes, parts, and accessories from. Our trained and licensed insurance professionals master the intricacies of your bicycle business and aggressively negotiate the right bicycle insurance for you at the very best rates. We are licensed in every state of the US and have access to nearly every insurance company, thus we have constructed several insurance packages to select from. This package can include:
  • Product liability and General Liability Insurance
  • Fire and Theft for Inventory and Business Property
  • Worker Compensation Insurance
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Ocean Cargo
  • Employer Protective Liability
  • Director & Officer Errors & Omissions Liability
  • Global coverage
  • And more!
Call us today or meet us at Interbike, NAHBS, Sea Otter, and other events, where we host our exhibit, educate with our seminars, and support the bicycle industry. ​​​​​​​


Our Experts

  • Call us for E-bike Insurance and all your Bike Rental and Tour Insurance needs!

  • Endorsed by the National Bicycle Component Manufacturer's Association.

  • We spent years negotiating nationwide bicycle shop liability insurance programs to find a generous combination of coverage and low rates even if you've had previous claims. Bike manufacturer insurance (or importer) can cover everything including liability for bicycle components.

  • We love this business! Few, if any, carriers are truly passionate about the bicycle industry and for 35+ years we have been insuring bicycle companies. Fun fact, one of our initial clients was Yeti Cycles who introduced us to titanium years ago at their first shop.

  • Invited Speaker at NAHBS.
    Join us again at the annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show!

  • Visit us this year at Interbike!

  • Some bicycle manufacturer clients started in a garage, and are now worth millions and we still provide their bike shop insurance. Business recommendations constantly provide us new customers.

  • We offer bike shop, rental, and manufacturer insurance for every aspect of the bicycle industry. Every process, component, and related liability, from manufacturing to assembly, from concept to bike fitting; we have insurance that makes the most sense.

  • Also call us for electric bike shop insurance, beer bike insurance, and pedal pubs!


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Bicycle Manufacturer Specialist


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Over the decades we have developed multiple bicycle and e-bike insurance programs which allow us to give you the best coverage and rates in every State.


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Our passion for 35+ years has been the bicycle industry and you will find us at bike conventions, often guest speaking. We know the industry very well and are recommended by major manufacturers.


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