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Bed & Breakfast, Inn Keeper Insurance

The Bed & Breakfast Insurance Portfolio offers the industry's broadest and most comprehensive coverage available to the high value owner at a competitive preferred price. Call us today.

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Lets face it. It's a tough economy and you need every advantage to succeed. That's especially true when it comes to choosing your Bed & Breakfast insurance policy or your Innkeeper insurance policy. It's also important that your business be protected by a policy specifically designed for your unique operations.

The B&B Insurance Portfolio Policy is exactly that. An A rated, national program created to meet the unique needs of the B&B industry. Our comprehensive insurance plan gives you the ability to buy broad property and liability coverage at Ultra Preferred rates. The B&B Portfolio Insurance Policy should save you 15% or 20% over your current policy. Our promise is to deliver better service and more coverage for the insurance dollar than any competitor.

ISU Westlake knows your business needs. We have over forty years of experience in business and specialty liability insurance.

The Bed & Breakfast Insurance Portfolio offers the industry's broadest and most comprehensive coverage available to the high value owner at a competitive preferred price. B&B owners and innkeepers alike will greatly benefit from our work.

With a high degree of flexibility, the B&B Portfolio Policy allows you to coordinate the coverage you need within a single insurance program that’s easy to manage and uniquely suited to your lifestyle. One package policy and one bill can often satisfy your need for home, auto, valuable collections and umbrella liability insurance.

Program Highlights

Setting Higher Standards


If you appreciate superior coverage in your insurance policy, you’ll appreciate the higher standards for our B&B coverage and service in the B&B Portfolio Program.

Policy Benefits


The B&B Insurance Portfolio recognizes that Bed & Breakfast homes have unique features and high quality furnishings that require special treatment not found in standard industry policies. To ensure the proper level of protection, our B&B policy includes many benefits.

  • Full Replacement Cost Coverage

    • We promise to pay the full cost of having your home and other structures on your property rebuilt after a covered total loss, even if the amount exceeds the limit in your policy

  • Replacement cost for Personal Property

    • We do not apply depreciation to furniture, clothing, and your other possessions. Buy new replacements of similar type and quality, and we will reimburse you

  • Boiler & Machinery

  • Business Interruption & Extra Expense

  • Crime

  • Equipment Breakdown

  • General Liability including Personal Liability

    • This program begins with a broad array of liability coverage vital to the operation of your business. In addition to being covered against liability risks specifically associated with your B&B business you are also covered in such areas as product liability, property damage liability and ancillary services. Coverage can also be extended to additional good and services offered in conjunction with your operations.

  • Innkeeper's Liability

    • Most states require that lodgings exercise reasonable care to protect guests and tenants from reasonably foreseeable crime risks. We include coverage for the safekeeping of your guest's personal property.


Additional Coverage Options

Policy Options

  • Automobile Insurance

  • Beauty Salon & Spa Services

  • Boat & Marina Coverage

    • We offer liability limits from the state minimum levels up to $500,000 and beyond. Bargain policies may not be able to offer adequate limits for high net worth customers, who make lucrative targets for liability lawsuits.

  • Commercial Kitchen & Catering

  • Employee Benefits Liability

  • Equine Coverage

    • If you offer equestrian services to your guests you can add coverage with our Equestrian Group stable endorsement.

  • Hunting, Shooting & Fishing Services

  • Liquor Legal Liability

  • Outfitter & Guide Services

  • Comprehensive Personal Liability

    • Personal liability for the B&B operators if occupied as as personal residence.

  • Special Events Coverage

  • Workmen's Compensation

  • Excess Liability


Valuable Collections Insurance

Exceptional Coverage for Exceptional Items


While our home policy includes coverage for your valuables, many people choose to insure their most precious possessions with the added protection of a valuables policy, which offers broader coverage on a worldwide basis

Policy Benefits

  • No deductible. If you lose an engagement ring or break a precious antique, the loss is covered from the first dollar.

  • Agreed value coverage. We settle covered losses at least at the scheduled amount of the item.

  • Single item or blanket coverage. You have the option to schedule individual items or choose blanket coverage for groups of valuables such as a jewelry, crystal, or art collections.

  • “All risk” coverage. Your valuable possessions will be protected against loss due to flooding, which is excluded in a homeowner policy.

  • Worldwide coverage. Don’t worry about taking your precious jewelry or professional-grade camera abroad.


Umbrella Liability Insurance


As your wealth increases, so does your attractiveness as a target for lawsuits. Settlements for serious injury or property damage can exceed the liability limits of your home or auto policies. You could lose your home, property, savings and investments - even your future income. Umbrella coverage offers critical protection in these cases. It offers the following benefits:

  • High limit availability. You can acquire from $1 million up to $10 million of additional liability protection for bodily and personal injury.

  • Fills coverage gaps. Our umbrella policy will pay from the first dollar of loss if a coverage gap exists in the home or auto policy.

  • Legal defense. Once the resources of your underlying coverage are exhausted, we will coordinate and pay for your legal defense without reducing your liability limit.

  • Private consultation. We provide coverage for the cost of having your lawyer monitor our legal defense efforts.

  • Reputation defense. We provide coverage for the cost of having a public relations firm protect your reputation.

  • Court costs. In addition to the settlement to an insured party, you will be covered for potentially substantial court costs and fees associated with the defense of your case.


Lora VanDixhorn

President and Founder ISU Insurance Services of Westlake

Phone: (805) 409-2860


Tina Morgan

Bicycle Dealer, Rental, Tour, and Personal Transport Specialist

Phone: (805) 409-2862

Availability in All States

No Liability Deductible

Low Premium

Low Deductible

Best Rates and Coverage

Professional Customer Service

Fast Set-up

Hassle-Free Interaction


What to Expect from Your Bed & Breakfast Insuranace Policy

Buildings: Older and New Buildings, Small and Large Property

Furnishings: New and Antiques

Business Interruption

Boiler & Machinery

Liability: High Limits Available Including Umbrellas

Innkeeper Liability

Liquor Liability


Worker Compensation


Policies Available

Call or e-mail us today for the best Bed and Breakfast Insurance Policy, Coverage, and Rate.

Aged Victorian Homes

Small Motels

High Valued Properties



Horseback Riding, Hunting, Fishing


Spa Services

Bicycle Rentals

Coordinate the insurance coverage you need that meets your own unique challenges of the Bed and Breakfast / Inn business owner. Every owner is different.


Bed & Breakfast, Inn Insurance Packages Include:

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